Everything you ever wanted to know about the flower and plant industry

What should I pay for wedding flowers?

How much your wedding flowers cost depends very much of the varieties you choose. If you’ve set your heart on Lily of the Valley, Muscari and Hydrange...

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How much should flowers and plants cost?

The easy answer to how much should flowers cost would be to say as much or as little as you want… after all you could buy a single flower fo...

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Choosing your bouquet

Choosing your bridal bouquet can be as scary as finding your perfect dress, and what you choose is just as important in the overall look of the day. A...

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Flower astrology

What flowers suit your star sign? Are you an earth, water, fire or air sign and how does this effect your character? Click on your star sign below t...

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Caring for your cut flowers

People often hesitate to buy fresh flowers because they think they can't get them to last more than a couple of days. Some flowers are s...

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Caring for...